ZML News

On the 30th June 2010, was seized by the US Immegration and Customs Enforcement for illegal distribution of movies.

From what we can gather, the site will not be returning and as such, we need to find other sources to get our movies from. Ones that are actually legal and do not lie to their customers about it!

This leaves us with, a much safer and more reliable source. They offer better quality movies than ZML did and are a lot more helpful to their customers.

Check back soon for more news and developments here.

Is it really unlimited?

ZML offers unlimited movie downloads for €39.90 a month, but is it really unlimited?

There is a cap at 200 downloads a month, but I've not managed to download even nearly that in one month from the site yet!

If you're likely to download more than 200 movies a month (that's over 6 movies a day!), ZML can increase the limit by request. If ZML isn't for you, so check out some other movie download sites

Want movies for your iPod?

ZML have over 10,354 movies on their site to download. This massive stock includes movies from all sorts of genres, such as Horror, Mystery, Romance, Comedy and lots more.

The best thing about ZML is their price. They charge $39.90 a month for an unlimited number of downloads. That means you can download as many movies in a month as your broadband connection can handle. Perfect for real movie fans out there. All the movies from the site are iPod ready, meaning you just download, transfer and watch! Easy Peasy! And it's not just iPods you can use this on, their movies can be burnt to DVD too.

When you register with ZML, you can get 10 movie downloads for 99¢ so you can thoroughly try out their service. This is a one day trial. After this, the monthly charge starts.

Go to ZML to get your 10 movies and start downloading.

Summer Offer

ZML have got a summer offer running at the moment for their existing customers. They are giving you the chance to download 10 movies of your choice for just 99¢. That makes each movie just 10¢! All you need to do is log onto the site, add $0.99 to your account and you can start downloading.

Head over to ZML now to start downloading your favourite movies.

What is ZML?

ZML is a movie download site that offers an unlimited amount of download per month for a monthly fee of $39.90. The site has over 10,000 movies to browse and download.